Bristol Housing Festival
Re-imagining better ways to live in our cities


The Values of Values


Values are a peculiar thing. We all have them both individually and in every corporate environment (work, school, family, cycling club). Whether articulated clearly or unspoken, whether recognised or unnoticed, values shape culture. Values influence priorities and therefore our choices. They can be inherited or develop over time, they can be unconsciously adopted, or they can be deliberately chosen and championed.

We want to choose. 

As the Bristol Housing Festival, we want to see specific values deliberately shape our decisions, our culture, our business plan, and our priorities at every stage. For those readers already familiar with the Festival, particularly those that visited our inaugural exhibition in October 2018, you may well be aware of the four values we have chosen. They have shaped our strategy, our projects, our priorities and our publicity (as well as the street names at the exhibition).

As we champion these values, they should be seen outworking throughout the entirety of the Bristol Housing Festival. We are a young project, and developing all the time, with new partners, projects ideas and possibilities coming our way each week. By holding fast to the values we have chosen and by using them as a measure against which we evaluate these possibilities we believe we will be able to achieve our vision to re-imagine better ways to live in our cities

It is our goal that five years from now every project, exhibition, workshop etc. of the Festival would still be a demonstration of these values - even if the words themselves are not used - they should be seen and experienced through everything we do.  

Our values

Courageous – Daring to re-design and to experiment (recognising that trial and error will be a key part of learning) with an ambition to create new approaches and prototype new ideas. 

Generous – Building partnerships built on transparency and trust. Working across the city with multiple stakeholders and with a desire to share what is learnt with other cities and nations. We are conscious that a value of generosity built into the fabric of a city will bring significant change and increased wellbeing to all.

United – Working together, for a common goal. Creating physical spaces, releasing new technology and empowering cultural change through partnership. Establishing united, restorative and resilient communities across the whole city. Recognising that together we make this city what it is.

Hopeful – Working together to transform a city for good, confident that real change can be achieved to build healthier cities. We are committed to the belief that this is possible, important and worth investment of time and resources. 

Jessie Wilde