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The Bristol Housing Festival launched on the 19th October 2018 with an exhibition on Waterfront Square, BS1. During the 17 days the exhibition was open we welcomed 6,124 visitors to the site, hosted over 650 people at 6 evening events, showcased 32 different exhibitors, and would like to thank the team who collectively gave over 6,000 volunteer hours as well as the 20 supporters, sponsors and partners who made this possible. This event was designed to showcase some of the amazing innovations that exist in housing and community building and encourage positive conversation within the city about what might be possible over the next five years. And so the festival begins...



ISO Spaces is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of bespoke and modular buildings, based on recycled shipping containers. The company has been paving the way in offsite construction, pioneering the first ever emergency housing development in the UK manufactured using a kit of moveable and reusable parts, based around repurposed shipping containers. Our solutions have the potential to become crucial in assisting local authorities to address their housing and homelessness issues. As demonstrated by our container housing developments in Ealing, London, our permanently portable solution brings otherwise vacant land back into productivity through interim use whilst the site awaits regeneration. The units can be easily dismantled and redeployed to another site at the end of its tenure – an innovative, cost-effectiveand sustainable solution.

_0023_totally mod.jpg


Totally Modular is a leading manufacturer of steel frame, modular homes for social and affordable housing. As a turnkey provider, Totally Modular designs, manufactures and installs homes that are 97% complete when they arrive on site; including pre-installedkitchens, bathrooms and finishes. Ground works, services and landscaping can also be incorporated as part of any housing solution. With the inherent scope and manufacturing capacity to provide multiple housing structures to fully accredited standards with maximum convenience, Totally Modular offers a comprehensive solution to tackle the housing challenges of the future.



The UK faces a crisis in the affordability and availability of housing. Currently too many key workers and young people are excluded from the housing market and this situation is not acceptable. ZEDpods is trying to create a new rung on the housing ladder where homes designed with young professionals in mind are built quickly, where they are needed and to the highest possible quality and environmental performance. This requires a re-think on how and where we build in our city centres to enable everyone to have a higher standard of living. ZEDpods are separating land and housing to create windfall sites by building over existing carparks and still keeping them operational.

We are attending the Festival as we want to exhibit how we are addressing these issues in other towns and cities and how we can provide solutions to Bristol and beyond. This is the ideal opportunities to show the benefits of ZEDpod living to social housing professionals, councillors, Mayors and the public attending this exemplary event.



Amalgam was established over 30 years ago in the heart of Bristol, and quickly earned a reputation for making models of outstanding quality. We have a large creative workforce and an extensive range of services all under one roof, enabling us to produce work of an incredible quality, in amazing time-frames, at competitive prices. Our strength lies in the diversity of our expertise, ranging from precision small-scale model making to oversize exhibition sculpting, interactive displays, rapid prototyping and complex engineering. Our breadth of skills means we can make virtually anything, exceptionally well.



BDP’s Bristol Studio has a unique position as a truly interdisciplinary design collective, with our own in-house team of experts spanning the spectrum of the built environment. Cities of the future will be denser, greener, mixed use and connected. We work with everyone involved in the process of placemaking to integrate all life’s activities in sustainable human scale communities.

The homes which form part of these communities are affordable and where people love to live. Community Focused; voted the best loved building by the Dutch public this Ground-breaking residential scheme at Den Bosch celebrates the great outdoors

Part of Bristol’s heritage. Danish inspired High Kingsdown encapsulated the debate between high and low-rise housing in the late 1960s and has since designated a conservation area

International standards in Sustainability. BDP’s eco-housing at Nanjing showcase the building’s ‘green’ sustainable technologies and are class leading, not only in China, but at internationally recognised standards

Think Small. High ceilings increase the sense of space and as everything is recessed or hidden there is ample space to sustain a modern urban lifestyle in these micro apartments

Denser living offers more amenity. Increasing the density and mixing uses allowed us to add over a hectare of green space, take cars off streets and provide district heating to this new community outside Woking with over 1200 dwellings


Bristol shares many urban challenges with cities around the globe, such as housing, congestion and pollution. Bristol is Open was formed by Bristol City Council and the University of Bristol to address these challenges by researching and developing Smart City digital solutions. Putting citizens at the centre of our strategy, we aim to explore how technology can positively impact livelihoods on a large scale, developing future benefits for everyone and delivering services that users expect and deserve.

We have built our own fibre back bone network, creating a canopy of connectivity across the city centre. This will support new generation technology research and experimentation which will improve the city and have a positive impact on the quality of our lives. Our experimental optic fibre broadband, wireless and high-performance computing infrastructure will stimulate and study telecommunication, software, hardware, data and sensing technologies.

Currently, our infrastructure consists of an optic fibre ring with four network nodes at

  • We The Curious

  • The Watershed

  • Engine Shed

  • University of Bristol

with multiple forms of wireless connectivity, e.g. WiFi, LiFi, LTE, Mimo, Wiso, 2,3,4,5G, and a wide area wireless mesh network.

True smart city innovation has a positive impact on people’s lives. By partnering with community and urban organisationswe are using our technology to create digital and social change for the greater good of all.



Ecomotive is a social enterprise with the mission to help more people create their own amazing homes and communities through self build and custom build. We are the leading community-led housing enabler in Bristol, with the skills and experience to support collective housing projects from start to finish. We offer:

1. Project support

We assist delivery of collective housing projects from conception to completion throughour comprehensive range of enabling services. We offer inspiring tours, workshops, mentoring, feasibility studies, business planning, architectural design, planning, project management and hands-on support with builds.

2. Self build products

We collaborate with our partner SNUG Homes on the R&D of a low-cost, modular eco home for the self and custom build market.

3. Data collection and market research

We provide consultancy services to other organisations to assist the growth of the self build and community-led housing sector. These include feasibility studies, demand assessment and data collection on behalf of local authorities via our website We also collaborate with others to create opportunities and deliver change in ways that are playful, creative and empowering.

This includes our current role in leading a project funded by Power to Change to develop a new community-led housing hub for the West of England.

launch pad

Do you want to create more affordable and community-focused homes in your local area? Want to connect with other groups and individuals doing people powered housing? The Community-Led Housing Hub has been created to help communities and individuals come together to build their solutions to the housing crisis.

Based at BCLT’s offices in Bristol, we provide an open hub of practical and accessible support for community-led housing across the West of England, including:

  1. Training and events to de-mystify community-led housing, nurture and grow the aspirations of individuals and groups.

  2. Connecting you to the professional support and advice you need to help your project along the way, everything from site assessments to business planning.

  3. Access to funding for every stage from your initial vision through to construction.

  4. Working with local authorities to create better access to land for community-led homes.

  5. Advocacy to help create more support and opportunities for community-led housing at every level – locally and nationally.

  6. Whether you are a group of people dreaming of a different way todo housing, or a council, developer, or housing association that wants to put people first, get in touch to find out how we can help.



LaunchPad is a partnership between United Communities HA, Bristol University Students Union, 1625 Independent People and BCC with the support of the property industry charity LandAid.

Our vision is to create a diverse, supportive and sustainable community of Bristol University students and young people moving on from 1625 Independent People (1625ip), linked within their local and Bristol University community. By breaking down some of the perceptions of barriers between Bristol University and the wider City, we aim to promote a closer working relationship whereby the University is an active participantin affordable housing solutions, not just for its students but for other young people too.

Members, through self-management of the scheme will contribute to their community, become active citizens, gain valuable skills, make friendships and take ownership of decisions and their lives.

The project will be developed using modular units to create good quality housing located on temporary BCC car park sites . The initial projects will house around 30 members. Bringing students and 1625ip residents together brings many benefits, enabling the stability of a safe and affordable home whilst also expanding young people’s horizons by enabling experiences that they may never have otherwise encountered. The scheme will be affordable and target young people and students in financial hardship. All young people will be able to access University facilities and support.


Livshare uses prefabricated bedroom and bathroom modules to create large five to nine bedroom villas and townhouses. These provide each resident with their own bedroom,deskspace and bathroom, whilst sharing a rooftop conservatory deck, a kitchen / dining room and a living room opening out onto a back garden.

Prefabricated CLT volumetric modules are manufactured off site in a factory in Peterborough and craned into place in a matter of hours on pre-prepared foundations. The floorplans are optimised for factory assembly, showing how a Georgian or Victorian era townhouse can be created using offsite construction. Each room has its own dedicated heavy duty exposed laminated timber floor and ceiling greatly reducing structure borne noise transmission and contributing to excellent acoustic privacy in a home of multiple occupation. Breathing walls, non-combustible superinsulation, high levels of airtightness and triple glazed alu-clad windows with heat recovery ventilation reduce thermal demands to the point where they can be met bya communal heat pump powered from building integrated photovoltaic cladding and roof surfaces. The combination of energy efficiency and on-site microgeneration using renewable energy has the potential to provide near net zero annual energy bills.

The Livshare concept shows how sharing larger homes and sharing communal facilities can provide higher living standards, more amenity space and considerable dignity for people living in affordable homes than the conventional strategy of reproducing many small dedicated facilities. This allows affordable homes to occupy gap sites in high value areas normally only afforded by larger wealthier households.



Knaphouse is a creative and innovative company based in the South West, UK. We design, build and sell highly adaptable, environmentally friendly, clever houses without compromising on design.

Run by an experienced multi-disciplinary team, we are building on years of knowledge and experience in the design of innovative housing solutions with a clear vision; to benefit individuals, families, communities and the environment. With heavy emphasis on adaptability and sustainability, we have created an on-grid and off-grid version of Knaphouse, bridging the gap between the two, making off-grid living easy, comfortable and a legitimate long-term living option.

Knaphouse is a flexible concept, allowing users to link as many or as few Knaps together to create the space and layout they need. Multiple Knaps are arranged in any combination, creating personalised floor plans, movable at any point to adapt to the needs of changing families. Location and imagination really are the only factors limiting what Knaphouse can be used for. Whether it’s a full time home, office, music studio, workshop or effective urban infill, all concepts can be accomplished. Thanks to its lightweight design we can place a Knaphouse within a day, leaving almost no visible or ecological impact to the ground.

_0017_bristol one city.jpg


Bristol’s ‘One City’ Approach supports organisations and communities across our city to work together in a coordinated way that delivers added value for citizens.

This new approach:

  1. Puts innovation and collaboration at the heart of city activity

  2. Provides a clear set of principles against which we can align cityactivity

  3. Brings city leaders together to solve complex challenges which require a common focus

Fast-tracks the city on its journey to become fairer, healthierand more sustainableThe One City Approach helps us to determine a single, joined-up city vision that spans the public, private, academic and voluntary sectors and is documented in the One City Plan. By facilitating greater collaboration and partnership across sectors, it will deliver improved outcomes for the city.

_0016_bristol energy.jpg


Our current energy system is not working for everyone. Bristol Energy Network is an umbrella organisation for individuals and community groups with an interest in energy in Bristol and the surrounding area. BEN has over twenty member groups working towards a fair, sustainable energy system. They are involved in many different energy projects, including assisting people struggling to pay their energy bills, advising people on how to reduce their energy use and raising money for and installing community-owned renewable energy projects (eg installing solar panels on community buildings).

Bristol Energy Network members are working to create a new energy system that works for us all. Our vision is a city where clean, green, affordable energy is delivered to the community by the community. We believe that to build an energy system that works for everyone, everyone must be involved in building it. We are actively working to include all Bristol communities in our work and to support them to run their own energy projects.


The Circle. Re-imagining better ways to live in our city.

A sustainable city requires a balance of employment, food, water and housing for thecommunity to co-exist. APG are working with Bearpit Bristol CIC to re-imagine a better way for us to live in Bristol. The vision is one where we come together as a city to find solutions to local or global problems to support a sustainable city.

The Circle has 3 key elements: Sustainable Food Hub

Spaces are created for enterprises to grow, produce and sell food. Intensive Urban Farming will provide foods that can be sold directly to the public through the on-site farm shop and through the cafe & restaurant style businesses that occupy the Food Space.

Community Hub

Provide accessible space where everyone is welcome. To build towards a city that understands that innovation is vital for the future and that education is the key to creating stronger and healthier communities. A city that measures its wealth according to the health, happiness and wellbeing of its people.

Incubation Space

The Incubation Space is the engine of The Circle driving innovation and learning through it’s accelerator and research facilities. It is here where new concepts and ideas will be developed, tested and trialed; a unique opportunity for academia, business and the public to come together.

This pilot project utilises converted shipping containers to grow and transform within the space, responding to the community occupying the space.

_0014_energy serviceBristol.jpg


Bristol has international recognition as the UK’s leading energy city. Here just some of the things that we’ve achieved in recent years:

  • Became the UK’s first local authority to build and manage our own large-scale wind turbines.

  • Helped over 2,000 private and council-owned homes become cosier, healthier and more energy efficient through our schemes.

  • Delivered a multimillion pound solar investment programme on our corporate and community buildings. Over the years, we’ve installed over 8 Megawatts (MW) of solar PV across the city.

  • Established a best-practice community energy fund which has provided funding to support over 30 local groups with their sustainability and energy efficiency projects in communities.

  • Nearly £2m invested in energy efficiency refurbishments across council-owned buildings delivering £1m annual savings on our energy bills.

  • Refurbished our museum and heritage buildings implementing high standards or energy efficiency through top of the range LED lighting and intelligent heating controls.

  • Launched the first section of our new low-carbon and lower-cost heat network in Redcliffe and Bristol’s Enterprise Zone, as well as a number of mini heat networks serving social housing across the city.

  • Setup of Bristol Energy, the UK’s first municipal energy company for social good, supporting local renewable vgeneration, SMEs and addressing the issues of fuel poverty in our city & beyond.

  • Met and exceeded our target to reduce carbon emissions by 60%, three years early. These targets have since been updated, with Bristol’s end goal being to become a carbon neutral city by 2050.



ACH (formerly Ashley Community Housing) was established in Bristol in 2008 as a social enterprise specialising in integrating refugees through accommodation, support and community-based training. Since then we have successfully resettled over 2500 individuals from refugee backgrounds and are now one of the UK’s leading providers of refugeeintegration services. We provide safe, secure and comfortable housing combined with culturally sensitive support, careers advice and vocational training. Our unique approach focuses onbuilding individuals’ resilience in the labour market, upskilling and supporting refugees into sustainable, higher-level employment in order to develop their independence and ease their integration into UK life. We operate in Bristol, Birmingham and Wolverhampton, and have ambitious plans to work with 25,000 more individuals over the next 10 years.

Our #rethinkingrefugee campaign has been running for since 2015. It was born as a reaction to the negative portrayal of refugees in the media, and aims to redefine the narrative around refugees to a more positive message of economic benefit to the UK and a positive contribution to local communities.



Working with the resources of people and communities to unlock micro-sitessuch as gap spaces and gardens for development, We Can Make enables residents to build homes at the point of need - where they live. We describe this approach as ‘urban acupuncture’ - allowing families to grow, ageing residents to downsize and those with changing mobility needs to adapt, without having to leave their community. The first home was built in late 2017, using sustainable materials, locally manufactured components and locally-employed labour. Residents can stay for free to try it out, and it generates income for the community as an Airbnb. Over 300 people have stayed in the home so far.

In the next five years, We Can Make aims to develop 300 affordable homes in the pilot neighbourhood - Knowle West - including setting up a neighbourhood housing factory to train local people to make the homes – and replicate the approach in similar neighbourhoodsin Bristol and across the UK.

We Can Make was named as one of The Observer & Nesta’s 2018 New Radicals, organisations that are changing the UK for the better.



Tempohousing, affordable accommodation at express speed. Deborah Smyth of Tempohousing Modular UK and Ireland has partnered up with one of Europe’sindustry leaders in modular construction, Tempohousing Netherlands. They are an off-site modular manufacturing and construction business specialising in the supply of high quality, rapidly built,modular homes for private and social housing. Together we deliver developments fast and on time and provide expert advice on projects in need of immediate response. We convert unused land into useful and lively communities by providing hope as well as homes. We are big advocates of looking after our environment and all our modulars are eco-friendly producing up to 90% less waste.

Our mission is to build green, economically and simply. Not to beat the competition on pricing but to provide original, smarter and more economical solutions of a higher quality. If we can help create a cleaner world while keeping the cost down and build faster, we are all better off.



We believe that having a home is not an entitlement, it is a RIGHT. Everybody should have the opportunity to live in a place they can call their own. Our mission is to change the face of homelessness in Bristol. Through the support of our directors, volunteers and supporters our vision is to develop a site with ten containers, converted into self-contained studio flats, providing temporary accommodation until a service user can find a more permanent home.


“Alexa, ask Ori to create my bedroom": it’s time to revolutionize the way you live. Introducing the Ori Studio Suite, an all-in-one dynamic furniture solution that solves the main challenges of living in studio apartments by: hiding the bed, increasing storage, and meaningfully separating space. Ori’s breakthrough innovation, technology and design create dynamic environments that act and feels as though they are substantially larger. The Ori Studio Suite enables your space to adapt to your needs, not the other way around. You can effortlessly move the Ori Studio Suite with the touch of a button, revealing your hidden bed or accessing your walk-in closet on demand. It can also be controlled by a digital remote on the Ori mobile app, or Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice control. Designed by a team of engineers at MIT, the

Ori Studio Suite multiplies the functionality of your space; Ori’s robotic technology makes 320 square feet live like 500+ square feet, fittinga large living room, walk-in closet, and separate bedroom all in one studio apartment!



At HexxHome we specialise in providing off-site manufactured housing made from precast architectural concrete. Our quality assurance and unique build-system ensures our homes are designed to be incredibly efficient and built to last. Our LABC warrantied designs enable us to rapidly develop new house configurations using standardised components, so you can be in control of the look and feel of your new home. We aspire to bring customised homes to a mass market at an affordable price.

Hexx Home is part of the Garenne Construction Group which focuses on all types of commercial construction in the Channel Islands and the South of England. We draw on that experience to ensure exacting standards are maintained during any HexxHome build.


Grow Bristol is an urban farming venture producing high quality and ultra-local produce all-year around using the methods of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and vertical farming. With our innovative approach, we can grow food in city spaces not normally suited to agriculture, reducing the environmental impact of food production and distribution, and increasing community engagement and employment opportunities in food growing. Grow Bristol is part of a movement that is changing the way we feed our cities and our wider vision is that our ‘smart urban farming’ model contributes to making Bristol a healthier, happier, more prosperous and resilient city.

Our pilot project, in a set of shipping containers on a disused industrial site near Temple Meads, has been producing 100kg of nutrient-dense microgreens every month for over 2 years, supplying many of the city’s restaurants and wholefood shops, without the use of pesticides and with minimal environmental impact. We are currently developing plans to scale and replicate our model and impact in 2019, and work in partnership with others to integrate highly productive and engaging vertical farm units into a variety of living and working community spaces, both existing and planned.


Bristol YIMBY is a grassroots campaign to get more new homes built in Bristol. We want everyone in Bristol to have a decent home, regardless of their circumstances. That involves building more homes than we currently do, alongside development that supports new homes, like retail, employment and transport infrastructure.

YIMBY stands for 'Yes In My Back Yard', the opposite of NIMBY – 'Not In My Back Yard'. We believe that the NIMBY movement currently has disproportionate influence over planning decisions, and we want to give YIMBYs more of a voice in the political debate over where new homes and infrastructure should go.

When proposals for new homes (and infrastructure that supports new homes) emerge, we contact our members to provide guidance on ways that they can show their support. Our aim is to provide the tools for YIMBYs to have a voice in the planning process, rather than directly influence things ourselves. We're building an interactive YIMBY map of Bristol, to demonstrate support for new homes from people living in neighbourhoods across the city. To find out where fellow YIMBYs live, why they support new homes in their neighbourhood and to get involved, Bristol’s citizens can visit to join the campaign and follow

@BristolYIMBY on Twitter.



We The Curious was previously known as At-Bristol Science Centre; an educational charity with an aim to “make science accessible to all”, it opened in 2000, and welcomed over 5 million visitors in the past 17 years. At-Bristol relaunched as We The Curious in September 2017, with a new vision that is committed to creating a culture of curiosity. We The Curious is an idea and a place for everyone. Our venue on Bristol’s harbourside is a bit like an indoor festival, with all sorts of different experiences, where you can interact with exhibits, test stuff out and participate rather than just visit. We’re all about empowering everyone to ask questions and get creative - with boundaries removed between science, art, people and ideas - a culture of curiosity.

University of Bristol Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab

City Blocks, from the Design and Manufacturing Futures LabHow do you design a city? What should it look like? How should it work? How would it feel to live inside?

Using brand new technologies mixed with old favourites, the Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab is developing new ways to design, experience, and learn about the things we use every day, from the tiny to the huge. In our project at the Bristol Housing Festival we are exploring ways to combine physical prototyping with digital systems as a toolkit for engineers, and to help everyday users understand what goes into designing the cities and spaces in which they live.Want to quickly design and explore options? Using Lego, we’ve put together a city prototyping system that lets you create and iterate ideas individually or as a group.

Want to see how your city works? By creating a digital version of your city as you build, we can tell you its vital statistics, letting you understand the impact of the decisions you have taken and explore better ways to design.

Want to see how your city feels? Using Virtual Reality technology,we can instantly recreate it at full scale, letting you experience and explore your design choices like never before. (Watch out for traffic!)



A housing crisis, with many different ‘faces’; global warming; the rapidly escalating scale of homelessness; the broadening level of inequality; anxiety, depression, loneliness; biodiversity loss, pollution; a decreasing sense of belonging; the rise of global populism... We live in an increasingly scary world, in which we don’t feel in control.

We are a self governing group of like-minded people from Bristol and beyond who have decided to work together to challenge this situation, in a creative, ethical and community-led way. We have a vision and a plan and are committed to doing everything we can to make our dream a reality. Bringing the Tiny House Movement to Bristol. This Movement is both architectural and social, where people choose to live simply in small homes. It promotes financial prudence, eco-friendly choices, shared community experiences, and a shift in consumerism-driven mindsets. Tiny homes are often built to be mobile, although they can also be permanent structures. Tiny House Community Bristol is becoming a co-operative and has an ambitious goal to build a variety of tiny and small houses on between 10 and 40 plots per community, with significant shared spaces within a co-housing model. The tinies and smalls will likely be a mixture of self-build, self-finish and off-the-shelf homes. We are promoting an ethos of ‘Individual sufficiency, collective abundance’, using the framework of One Planet Living (Bioregional) and the principles of Doughnut Economics (Kate Raworth, Oxford Uni).

It’s time for People Power to get going, empower ourselves and each other, and create the hope that is so desperately needed!



At St Mungo’s our vision is for everyone to have a place to call home, and the opportunity to fulfil their hopes and ambitions. Our ambition is to reverse the rise in rough sleeping in England. In the areas where we work, we aim to halve the number of people sleeping rough by 2021.

We know it takes more than a roof over someone’s head to end homelessness. While sleeping rough is the most visible form of homelessness, the causes and consequences of having nowhere stable to live are often much more complicated. That’s why we’ve developed a recovery based approach for our clients, focusing on addressing the issues a person faces to help them move on with their lives. We look at each individual’s strengths – sometimes known as an ‘asset based’ approach – and use those skills and interests as the basis for recovery.

People experiencing homelessness often face a number of issues, commonly involving feelings of isolation, mental health problems, and drug or alcohol use. We know that working with people to understand their goals, and then helping them to achieve those is the best way to overcome these issues.

We’ve developed numerous services in our 50 year history, offering thebasics such as temporary shelter or longer term accommodation, but also a wide variety of projects designed to help people with their confidence, skills and experience.

We strive to support people as they take control of their own recovery. Our role, our privilege, is to foster the right environment, so people can bring about their own changes, in their own way.Time and again we’ve shown that people can, and do, move on from the problems that caused them to become homeless. And we believe that with well-timed and carefully crafted support, we can help everyone into a place to call home, so they can fulfil their hopes and ambitions.



Our simple objective is to provide a supported route for people to design and build their own low cost home. With an increasing need for housing, we want to ensure that homes are low energy, low cost, fit for the future, and have the creative input of the residents.

We know how hard it is to find land, and we also know how busy people are, so the SNUG home provides a viable solution. Combining off-site construction with the opportunities for self-finish we are providing a unique opportunity for those wishing to create their own place to live.

The SNUG home is focused on the use of low impact and ecological materials, and we are developing the design to ensure it is supports the resident to have a reduced future energy consumption. Considering climate change, increasing costs of resources, and a fluctuating economic environment, we are aiming for the SNUG home to be a staple in the provision of stable future communities.

If you are interested in getting involved, whether to help build or help design, or if you have a space you would like to explore if a SNUG home would fit, please get in touch.



Rentplus is the leading provider of affordable rent to buy homes, offering an alternative route to home ownership. Homes are fully funded by Rentplus, bringing significant investment for new affordable homes.Working in partnership with local authorities, and housing associations/registered providers who manage the homes, Rentplus is delivering thousands of affordable rent to buy homes across the country.

Tenants pay an affordable intermediate rent (up to 80% of market rent inclusive of service charges) or local housing allowance, whichever is lower, for defined periods of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. When they are ready to buy their home, they receive a 10% gifted cash deposit from Rentplus, to supplement their savings. Through the government’s revised National Planning Policy Framework, local authorities can promote and include affordablerent to buy as part of their affordable housing provision on allnew developments, to provide greater choice of tenures.Rent. Save. Own. Rentplus is for local working families who aspire to own their own home.Supporting sustainable communities and thriving places in Bristol. Supporting Bristol to meet the housing needsof local families today, delivering their aspirations to get a foot on the housing ladder in the future.