Bristol Housing Festival
Re-imagining better ways to live in our cities

Jez Sweetland - Project Director


We are all aware that the UK faces a crisis in relation to the affordability of housing and public services.

There is, at this unique time, an opportunity for significant and scalable change with developments in both technology and engineering, but also as a result of political necessity. We need the courage to re-imagine and to re-think the future of our cities. The Festival does not pretend to have all the answers from the outset, instead it intends to be a catalyst by offering the space and time for innovators and pioneers to test and refine ideas and concepts on real sites in Bristol.

There is much to celebrate and showcase in the city concerning housing and community development. It is the intention of the Bristol Housing Festival to highlight both the ambition and work that is already underway through partnerships, innovators, community groups, visionaries and pioneers, and also to bring new ideas and new affordable housing and community into reality.

Bristol’s “One City” Approach has identified goals for Bristol to achieve by 2050 to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to flourish. During the five years of the Bristol Housing Festival, we will help enable and build prototype ideas in housing, technology and city governance with an ambition to help us discover some of the scalable solutions that are needed to achieve those goals. However, our focus is not just housing, but recapturing the purpose of housing and how we create healthy and resilient communities that enable a city to thrive and grow.

I recognise this is a big vision and a huge challenge, but I also believe that Bristol is the city that can unlock this. Bristol has a history of being a pioneering city. With this heritage and our city leaders, in all spheres of our community, we have the political courage to lead. We will be seeking to work across the city with experts and community groups from different areas to collaborate on agreed goals. I am optimistic that together we can make significant, long-term progress that will serve the city long into the future.

And so, the Housing Festival continues…