Bristol Housing Festival
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Half Term Fun at the Bristol Housing Festival Exhibition

Curious RGB_The bridge.jpg

The Bristol Housing Festival’s free exhibition on the waterfront has loads of fun things to see and do this half-term. Not only are there pop-up, innovative homes to visit, from modular homes to shipping container home conversions, but cool activities to try as well:

  • Test your city planning skills with the City Blocks Game: Build your city using Lego™, scan your design, then explore your city in Virtual Reality. How will you rate? The Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab from University of Bristol are running their game at various times

  • Have a go at African traditional dance, drumming, storytelling, poetry and hip hop at the WeCanMake house with Kabbo Ferdinand, an indigenous storyteller from South Africa. Kabbo works with the Mamma Africa organisation

  • Ask The Curious Cube a question. ‘What is gravity made of? Do penguins have knees?..’ This mysterious mirrored cube structure from We The Curious comes to life with questions people ask themselves – reflecting the curiosity of Bristol back at the city

  • Draw a house: On the Bristol YIMBY stand, draw a picture of the house you want in your backyard. Bristol YIMBY will be posting all pictures in an online gallery on the YIMBY website. Collect some fun stickers too.

The exhibition is at Waterfront Square near We The Curious every day from 11 to 6pm, ending on Sunday 4th November.

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