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LaunchPad is a pioneering housing project for young people. It is designed to help address housing issues experienced by young people today, by providing them with an affordable, good quality home, which contribute to an increased sense of wellbeing.

LaunchPad is a partnership between; United Communities Housing Association, 1625 Independent People (1624ip) and the University of Bristol Student Union. The project brings 31 young people; students, keyworkers and 1625ip service users together to offer mutual benefit, enabling the stability of a safe and affordable home while also expanding young people’s horizons by enabling experiences that they may never have otherwise encountered. 

The mixed community is designed to create an aspirational environment where young people can learn from each other and encourage one another to achieve their goals and positively contribute to their community. It brings all groups together to create a better sense of community amongst those who are passionate about connecting with others and proactively building a new community.

From start to finish, the whole project has taken less than a year to complete. The rapid turnaround was achieved by utilising modular building methods that allow project times to be cut considerably when compared with traditional bricks and mortar methods, with no compromise on quality.

The initial concept for Launchpad was to convert shipping containers. However, it was decided these would be too small and restrictive. Instead, bespoke ‘container style’ homes were designed to include larger floor space and higher ceilings than a shipping container, with built in kitchenette, bathroom, study area and space-saving features to maximise space.

The scheme offers a solution to using awkward, difficult to develop, plots of land.

LaunchPad is the first project of its kind in the UK and the first Bristol Housing Festival Project to be completed.

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