Bristol Housing Festival
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Copy of Public Consultation Event

Friday 1st March, 3 – 8pm


Public Consultation Event

Friday 1st March, 3 – 8pm (drop-in)
The Beehive Centre
19a Stretford Road Bristol, BS5 7AW

Following on from the Bristol Housing Festival expo in October, Bristol City Council committed to
supporting the Festival and to make land available for innovation; and first up is the ZEDpods.

Proposal to Develop 11 Affordable Homes above the Car Park
next to St George Park (Chalks Road Car Park)



ZEDpods Public Consultation - Download the PDF proposal here, and read all about the plans.



ZEDpods on Chalks Road, St. George

The ZEDpods will be placed on the Chalks road carpark adjacent to St George Park and is pioneering a way to create 100% affordable and low carbon housing.

New housing, new technology

This environmental and socially focused development will deliver much needed housing in the area for young professionals in need of affordable housing and those at risk of housing crisis. By creating a mixture of these tenures, a new community model will be created to ensure that the support networks are in place for the tenants, to improve security and safety as tenants are likely to be home at different times of the day, and to increase tenant interaction and neighbourliness.

The scheme will offer something truly innovative, a first for the city and of its kind in the UK. This innovative development will rethink existing land use in a central location demonstrating new thinking to help solve the housing crisis, whilst at the same time providing beautiful, low carbon housing.

The project team includes the Bristol Housing Festival, ZED Pods Ltd, a Bristol based Housing Association, the YMCA and Bristol and Bath Regional Capital.

What is a ZEDpod?

The fully ‘Space Standards’ compliant ZEDpod is a prefabricated housing solution, offering almost instant high-quality, ultra-low energy housing without the land and site issues associated with conventional new build.

As a modular housing solution, it can be used to build over existing carparks, hard-standings or on difficult to develop and awkward spaces not currently allocated to housing. The solution is building regulation compliant, includes a 10-year new build warranty and is fully mortgageable.

It’s a low energy solution designed to resolve housing needs with minimal demand on existing services and infrastructures.

Once delivered to site, construction and installation can be completed, often within 24 hours for a single unit, ready for immediate occupancy.