Bristol Housing Festival
Re-imagining better ways to live in our cities

Public Showcase


Monday 21st October 2019 -
Sunday 3rd November 2019

The Architecture Centre, Bristol (map)
Opening times: 10:00 – 17:00 (every day)

Cost: Free!


Open everyday throughout the two weeks, this is an opportunity to learn more about the Bristol Housing Festival!

The showcase will include displays and details of the different projects we are involved with that are all at different stages. We would love to have your thoughts and feedback on the innovative ideas, the designs, the community impact and the social value among other things.

There will be a series of short films on show throughout the two weeks including interviews with key people involved, projects going on in the city, and addressing key issues that form part of the housing need in the city.

We will also be hosting displays and interactive activities from our partners including:

  • Bristol One City

  • University of Bristol

  • Arup

  • Bristol One City

  • WECA

Exhibitor Details



City Blocks is an exploration into how immersive technologies can be integrated with accessible design tools to facilitate community driven development. The Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab develop new ways to design, experience and learn about the things we use every day, from the tiny to the huge. In this iteration of the project, citizens are given the opportunity to ‘design by play’ and tackle a contextualised real world design task using Lego, with coloured bricks representing features like parks and a variety of housing. Once a city has been completed it is scanned, and a realistic 3D environment is instantly generated reflecting the designer’s Lego configuration. This unique-to-user 3D neighbourhood can then be explored at 1:1 scale in a VR headset.  Unbiased city metrics are relayed back to the designers allowing reflection and modification.

With thanks to all our sponsors, partners and supporters