Bristol Housing Festival
Re-imagining better ways to live in our cities
Mayor Marvin Rees Oct 3 2016 - CB Bristol Design.jpg

Mayor Rees

Mayor Marvin Rees Oct 3 2016 - CB Bristol Design.jpg

I would like to welcome you to the Housing FestivaL.

Bristol is known as a festival city – St Paul’s Carnival, Urban Paint festival and International Balloon Fiesta are some of our biggest examples, and our city is rightly celebrated as a fantastic place to live. But this isn’t the case for all of our citizens, and key to making an inclusive city where we can all enjoy what it has to offer, we have to find the best ways of tackling our housing crisis.

We want to capture the spirit of innovation and hope that these fantastic events bring, while grappling with the city challenges of homelessness, affordable housing and vibrant communities.

Recently Bristol has worked to turn around its reputation and become a place where things get done and innovators come forward with creative solutions. It’s not just about homes, but about communities too, and solving wider social challenges such as social isolation and mental health issues through housing.

The Festival is about making the city a living exhibition of the latest and most inventive approaches to housing and the launch has set the scene for our unorthodox approach. The Bristol Housing Festival sets out our aspirations to showcase the city’s determination to lead and deliver on one of our key priorities.