Bristol Housing Festival
Re-imagining better ways to live in our cities


We have worked hard to bring these values to everything we do. Whether we're embarking on a new project, liasing with government, meeting with business leaders or listening to communities, our values will guide and inform us throughout the journey.

Partnerships built on transparency and trust (working across the city with key stakeholders and with a desire to share what is learnt with other cities and nations) and conscious that a value of generosity built into the fabric of a city will bring significant change and increased wellbeing.


Daring to redesign and experiment (recognising that trial and error will be a key part of learning) with an ambition to innovate new approaches and prototype new solutions.


Creating physical spaces, releasing new technology and empowering cultural change to establish united, restorative and resilient communities across the whole city.


Working together to transform a city for good and having confidence that systemic change can be achieved to build healthier cities. We're committed to the belief that this is possible, important and worth investing resource into.